Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2009

Ich bin ein Tunika Freak!!

Jaja.... ich kann diesen Tunika noch nicht anziehen...,
aber ich hatte einfach spass daran ein
bisschen Sommersachen zu nähen!!

Ich habe den Stoff in meiner Wunderkiste
gefunden und das Muster
ist von Burda. Einfach und schnell genäht.

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  1. Thank you again for your comments!
    answering to your questions, well, I cook this food when I have time, on weekends mostly, but during the week I cook as well, I try to find some time for cooking because it's my real hobby!!
    My family? I have 2 daughters (one almost 20 years old and the other one almost 16) husband, 6 cats and 3 dogs :)..
    I live in Sardinia,and yes it is quite warm during the year, we never have snow!:/
    and to comment your post, well, you make these clothes? You must be really good at knitting too, that's another hobby of mine as well, but I spend more time in kitchen!
    see you soon dear!